body time space

Body, space, and time make up three of the fundamental coordinates of radialsystem. And it’s at stimulating events such as festivals, performances, concerts, talks, and exhibitions that we have repeatedly shifted and rearranged these coordinates, all in conjunction with audiences, artists, and protagonists.

The triad of body time space creates an opportunity to describe what is taking place beyond these events, whether it be onstage, offstage, or backstage; in our studios, on the deck, or out on our river terrace overlooking the Spree, late into the night. The relationship of body time space, regardless of the order, delineates a transitional space – the comma between choreography, music, society – thereby representing things that are as yet unnamed, things which draw their autonomy and strength precisely from their elusion of specification and from the challenge they pose to categorisation.

Hierarchical division does not do justice to the complexity of the forms of expression that are to be found at radialsystem, particularly at a place where power structures are scrutinised, dominant historical narratives are critically examined, and binary notions of gender and conceptions of the body are deconstructed. Instead, we want to make use of body time space to invite you to forge alliances with the unknown, explore poetic spaces, and conjure new communities.

Infrastructural funding received from the State of Berlin since 2018 has enabled us to devote seven months exclusively to artistic programming this year for the first time. From January to April and in July, August, and December, radialsystem belongs to the arts and to the artists! We will use the remaining five months of the year to continue to independently generate the majority of our operational funding through conferences, media productions, and other events.

But we certainly do not want to completely relinquish the arts during these five months, either! As such, we would like to warmly welcome you to the artistic events that will be taking place during our commercial rental periods as well.