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23.06.2018 Sat
6 pm

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Schlachten III - The Number of the Beast

Marc Sinan Company

5 p.m. Barbecue and Suckling Pig 6 p.m. Concert "The Number of the Beast" (Premiere) 8 p.m. Screening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Germany / Sweden Extremely human or humanly extreme? Is man completely human only when he loves and hates, creates and kills, seduces and is seduced, when he revels and plays with relish? When love, lust and death become one? The beast of man manifests particularly well in this triad - appealing, repugnant, unfathomable and still endlessly vivid. With their 1982 album "The Number of the Beast" Iron Maiden released an opus full of disturbing invocations. Fast forward 36 years and together with his band, the composer and guitarist Marc Sinan will explore man's terrifying contradictions when he's pushed to the very edge. This is the last part of the "Schlachten" concert series - a night of advanced music, death, heavy metal, seduction, soccer and suckling pig.


  • Klarinette und Elektronik: Oğuz Büyükberber
  • Schlagzeug: Daniel Eichholz
  • Gesang und Performance: Jelena Kuljić
  • Komposition, Gitarre und Elektronik: Marc Sinan
  • Dramaturgie: Holger Kuhla

Framework programme

17 Uhr Barbecue and Suckling Pig 18 Uhr Concert The Number of the Beast (Premiere) 20 Uhr Screening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Germany / Sweden

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Marc Sinan © Michel Marang

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