Ensemble KNM Berlin © Anja Weber
16.06.2018 Sat
8 pm

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Memory Space III

Ensemble KNM Berlin

With "Memory Space" Ensemble KNM Berlin maps musical and cultural traditions of different worlds. The third part is dedicated to Chennai, a South-Indian megacity. With the "gamaka box" the Chennai composer and singer Ramesh Vinayakam developed the first comprehensive notation system for the traditional music of South India - a break with tradition that confronts an age-old oral musical culture with profound questions. "Memory Space III" moves to a place where oral and written culture, tradition and modernity meet - a space that must be renegotiated. The performance invites you to experience sounds from the megacities Berlin and Chennai. Audio massages happening every 15 minutes, individual mini-concerts for 7 performers and 7 listeners a time, open up a remarkably intimate space for listening and introspection. Within ears' reach but without touch the finest sounds emerge from Indian and German plant material. Listening stations let you focus on natural and urban recordings from Berlin and Chennai. The city's soundscapes find their way back to the stage, adapted by musicians: in opening performances by Ana Maria Rodriguez, Alvin Lucier, Ramesh Vinayakam as well as in compositions by John Cage, Giacinto Scelsi, Jeremy Woodruff und Terry Riley performed on the following day.


  • mit: Ensemble KNM Berlin
  • Stimme: Ramesh Vinayakam
  • Tablas und Mridangam: Anantha Krishnan
Ensemble KNM Berlin © Anja Weber

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