01.07.2018 Sun
4 pm

admission free

Women for Common Spaces

Yasmine Merei & Guests

"Female Voices in Exile is an attempt to put an end to the period of demoralizing isolation and to salvage the debris of collapsed humanity. It is an attempt to whisper stories in the ear of the world." (Yasmine Merei) For the first time, the Berlin project "Women for Common Spaces" is inviting visitors to attend a community event at Radialsystem. Along with artists, women from the project, and other partners, the project founder Yasmine Merei will present the initiative's work, transforming Sasha Waltz & Guests' studio into a "common space" for listening. Recently-arrived Berliners will read a selection of their own texts in German and Arabic. A welcoming atmosphere and a concert featuring Shadia Abu Hamdan (voice) and Nabil Arbaain (oud) will help to create a space for conversation and for getting to know one another. Following the event and also in the frame of Sasha Waltz & Guests' thematic focus Education & Community a performance of Amal by Medhat Aldaabal and Davide Camplani takes place in the hall of Radialsystem at 8 pm. As a non-profit initiative, "Women for Common Spaces" aims to develop a network of well-informed and self-confident Arabic-speaking women in exile. It is currently setting up a formal association to pursue that goal. Since it began its work in 2017, women from across the Middle East have discussed political and social themes and talked about their experiences and the challenges they face. Participants have also gone on to put down their thoughts on paper: in cooperation with the Allianz Kulturstiftung, "Women for Common Spaces" has so far presented women's voices in two German-Arabic publications, entitled "Female Voices in Exile". A Program by Sasha Waltz & Guests, Education & Community and Radialsystem. During the year 2017-18, Sasha Waltz & Guests was the legal sponsor of the pilot phase of "Women for Common Spaces". The project was further supported by the residency program "Artists at Risk" of the Allianz Kulturstiftung. Berlin Mondiale is the cooperation partner for the workshop program, in cooperation with refugee accommodation in the districts of Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg and Lichtenrade, as well as the Radialsystem and the Akademie der Künste.


  • mit: Teilnehmerinnen von "Women for Common Spaces"
  • Moderation: Yasmine Merei und Anja Schmalfuß
  • Musik: Shadia Abu Hamdan (Gesang) und Nabil Arbaain (Oud)

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