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07.07.2018 Sat
6 pm

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F & G

Showing Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara Malvacías

"F" and "G" are the sixth and seventh pieces in a series of highly structured improvisational duets: "From A to Z". Taking each piece's title from a different letter of the alphabet, the project focuses on many aspects of time and uses signposts and issues connected with life and ageing as a framework for these explorations. In "F" (as in "field") the stage is offered as an open field welcoming the audience to observe the regular practice and subjects of research, time and the instant performance of thought processes, unadorned. This is in contraposition to "G" (as in "Ground") where the regular practice is contextualized within a defined and limited space, a ground inhabited by random objects and material that serve as conduits - and sometimes obstacles - to further explore the concept of duration, or the way we perceive the space between two successive events. With kind support of Sasha Waltz & Guests.


  • Konzeption, Kreation und Performance: Jeremy Nelson und Luis Lara Malvacías
  • Musik: Ivo Bol
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