STEGREIF.orchester © Iken Keune
28.07.2018 Sat
8 pm

Tickets 24 € | reduced 14 € | Indicated prices are valid at the ticket office of Radialsystem (online plus applicable fees).



Following the highly acclaimed premiere of #freebeethoven 2015, and its follow-up project #freeschubert 2016/17, STEGREIF.orchester returns to Radialsystem. Playing without sheet music or a conductor, but with a wild mix of jazz, rock and salsa, the orchestra's 30 musicians will trace Johannes Brahms' Symphony No. 3 in F major. Juri de Marco, Wolf Kerschek and Alistair Duncan cut in on Brahms' composition, aiming to establish a more popular approach to classical music, making it accessible to a new audience. Don't fret! The Romantic composer's original won't suffer. STEGREIF.orchester will capture Brahms' avant-garde spark, leaving room for improvisation and choreography. They will aim to create an extraordinary sound performance in four movements, each lasting 15 minutes.


  • Rekomposition: Alistair Duncan, Wolf Kerschek und Juri de Marco
  • Choreographie: Ela Baumann
  • Abendspielleitung: Viola Schmitzer
  • Lichtkonzept: Johannes Glöde
STEGREIF.orchester © Iken Keune
© Moritz Esyot

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