04.08.2018 Sat
8 p.m.

Day Tickets 26 € | reduced 20 € | Festival Ticket 105 € | Early Bird Festival Ticket 90 € Indicated prices are valid at the ticket office of Radialsystem (online plus applicable fees). Day Tickets 30 € | reduced 20 € | Festival Ticket 105 € Indicated prices are valid at the box office of Radialsystem.

Indicated prices are valid at the ticket office of Radialsystem (online plus applicable fees).

A L'ARME! FESTIVAL VOL. VI - Avantgarde Jazz & Experimental Music

Karkowski Project "The Truth at all Costs?"

Studio A: Mark Fell (UK) - "The Truth at all Costs?" Multilayer sound installation with archive material of Zbigniew Karkowski 18 Uhr Festival Garden mit low-tech Food & Drinks Set 1 / Halle: Ellen Arkbro Electric Guitar: Ellen Arkbro (SE) Set 2 / Halle: Pupillo/Pilia/Lillevan Electric Bass: Massimo Pupillo (IT) Guitar: Stefano Pilia (IT) Video : Lillevan (IR/DE) Set 3 / Saal: CM von Hausswolff Electronics and Organics: Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE) Set 4 / Saal: JESSOP&CO Laptops, Tape, Cultural Appropriation: Anupal Adhikary (IN) Laptops, Tape, Cultural Appropriation: Subho Sen S. (IN) Set 5 / Halle: Klein Vocals, Electronics: Klein (UK) Set 6 / Saal: Wanda Group Electronics: Wanda Group/Louis Johnstone (UK) Set 7, 8, 9 / Saal: After Show live PA: Rabih Beaini (LB/DE) DJ Set + electronics, field recordings: Mieko Suzuki (JP/DE) Zbigniew Karkowski's work as a musician, sound artist and performer pushed the boundaries of contemporary music, noise and electronic music. He opened doors for the many others who came after him. The legacy of this elusive artist is hard to grasp. In an essay from 1992, Karkowski used the phrase "the truth at all costs" to describe the transformative power of sound and its ability to radically challenge our self-perception. When we apply this principle to its author, many questions emerge: What is the truth about Karkowski, if there is one at all? And, more importantly, what's the price of locating such a truth? Looking at how he has shaped our musical and sonic vocabulary, where and how do we pinpoint his influence? "The Truth at all Costs?" is neither a synopsis nor a comprehensive reflection of the life and oeuvre of Karkowski. The intricacies that arise when dealing with his legacy will be highlighted, not resolved. "The Truth at all Costs?" sees mainly young musicians join forces. Artists whose work, on a first listen, does not appear to relate to Karkowski's oeuvre. It is their insistence on doing things on their own intransigent terms, their passion for innovation, that made each of these musicians develop a unique sound that's entirely and unmistakably their own. They will take a closer look on Karkowski's oeuvre and his main themes: sound as a ritual, sound as a weapon, sound as medicine, sound as language, and last but not least, sound as a revelation. Get your festival pass for the whole festival here: Reduced to the max! Early in August, Berlin's renowned avant-garde festival A L'ARME! will return to its roots, taking Vol. VI back to where it all began. Six years and still going strong, A L'ARME! runs on ruthlessness, quality and energy. Over the course of four days and four nights, Radialsystem will be filled with the pulsating sounds of a cross-genre array of performances and performers. There'll be everything from avant-garde jazz to musique concrète, from drone to improvisation, as well as audiovisual performances. The American performance art icon Laurie Anderson will kick off the festival with an unforgettable, exclusive collaboration with Bill Laswell's "Method of Defiance". Wrapping the festival up, the "Karkowski-Project" will honour the legacy of the avant-garde musician and composer Zbigniew Karkowski - breaking new ground all night long. Living avant-garde legends like Joëlle Léandre and Mark Fell will share the stage with newcomers such as the Nigerian-British singer Klein, Maja Ratkje, Ellen Arkbro, Matilda Rolfsson and Philipp Gropper. In addition, world-renowned sound artists like Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit Rio, JESSOP&CO., WANDA GROUP, and Księżyc will bring the avant-garde scenes from Norway, Brazil, India, the UK and Poland to the banks of the river Spree. A L'ARME! was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform for avant-garde jazz and experimental music - showcasing a wide array of high-quality music with a radical twist. Bringing together local and international artists, communities and audiences through compelling collaborations, concerts and performances, A L'ARME! strives for an exchange of ideas, as well as aiming to challenge hierarchies and break down borders. An event by Louis Rastig and Karina Mertin. In cooperation with Radialsystem. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


  • Künstlerische Leitung: Louis Rastig
  • Konzeption und Projektleitung: Karina Mertin



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