28.10.2018 Sun
8 pm

Tickets 18 € | reduced 14 €


Public People

Splitter Orchester and ensemble mosaik

October will see the first encounter of Splitter Orchester and ensemble mosaik – two renowned, yet completely different orchestras, regarding their methods and aesthetic direction. While Splitter Orchester (est. 2010) works on collective improvisations for the most part, ensemble mosaik often creates (and notes down) new music in dialogic processes. British conductor Alwynne Pritchard has devised "Public People" together with three members of Splitter Orchester as an evening of concerts, constructed around the different methods of both ensembles. How do ensembles incorporate foreign material without losing their own identity, developed structures and strategies? The evening is a dynamic, open production that merges these structurally and aesthetically different ensembles while doing justice to both their unique qualities and practices, such as composition and improvisation. The boundaries between artists' ensemble and improvising orchestra are dissolved…


  • mit: Splitter Orchester und ensemble mosaik
  • Dirigent: Ilan Volkov
  • Kompostition: Alwynne Pritchard, Julia Reidy, Simon James Phillips und Chris Heenan


"Public People" is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe - Multi-sector funding. Splitterorchester and ensemble mosaik are funded by the Basic funding of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. The comissioned work by Alwynne Pritchard is supported by Bergen Kommune and TONO.


ensemble mosaik © Sandra Schuck
Splitter Orchester © Uta Neumann

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