tongue twisters © Neda Navaee
01.02.2019 Fri
8 pm

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tongue twisters

A dance piece by Modjgan Hashemian

Tongue twisters, no purpose! We love to play - with each other and against each other. Some want to win, some have to lose. That's the way it is, because there are rules. But when does play get serious? And who lays down the rules - of how we should deal with each other, divide spaces, learn languages? Which language does one's own voice have at all? And has my body internalized any language(s)? Can it act out language rules, put rules to the test or even change realities? Six dancers and five young people are challenging the rules of different, international game instructions with their (body) languages: tongues are getting bigger. Curling up. Babbling with laughter. Clicking purposefully. Kissing purposelessly. Twitching sensually. Tasting. Getting sour. Getting twisted. ! tongue twisters !


  • Idee, Konzept und Choreographie: Modjgan Hashemian
  • Dramaturgie und Konzept: Katja Wenzel
  • Produktionsleitung: Christine Nicod
  • Tanz: Adamou Bance, Candaş Baş, Faseeha Chughtai, Rachel Cooker, Tian Gao, Kaveh Ghaemi, Marie Kalonji, Amr Karkout, Rosa Kutz, Michele Meloni und Eiji Takeda
  • Bühne: Farzad Akhavan
  • Kostüm: Shahrzad Rahmani
  • Licht: Asier Solana
  • Musik und Komposition: Oliver Doerell und Jawad Salkhordeh
  • Training: Ricardo de Paula
  • Choreographische Assistenz: Marie Luise Würth


A production by Modjgan Hashemian in Co-production with Maxim Gorki Theater funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, intercultural project funding by the Land of Berlin and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation. Kindly supported by Radialsystem, Sasha Waltz & Guests | Education & Community and Studio Я.

tongue twisters © Neda Navaee

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