Neue Vocalsolisten © Manu Theobald
19.01.2019 Sat
8 pm

Karten 18 € | ermäßigt 12 € Tageskarte Samstag 25 € | ermäßigt 17 €


Ultraschall Berlin - Festival für neue Musik

Neue Vocalsolisten

A programme about magic and thus about the tension between appearance and reality, about the (sometimes devious, but always surprising) game with illusions, but also about the power of deduction, which is needed, for example, for passwords. As in real life, the passwords in Georges Aperghis' vocal work of the same name are random and meaningless, a "polyphony of meanings that no longer means anything". Valerio Sannicandro has used texts in Old High German for his "Zaubersprüche" (magic spells). This dark and equally ironically broken work evokes rituals in which the singers perform in various constellations and achieve a spatialisation of sound with purely vocal means. Michael Beil's "Die Drei" (the three) is part of his work cycle on Goethe's "Hexeneinmaleins" (witch's algebra) and plays with tonal and structural combination possibilities resulting from the number 3 for six singers. Michael Pelzel also plays with combinations in his "Etüdenbuch zu Diabelli" (etudes on Diabelli). The piece is the preliminary stage of a musical theatre about the conjuror Grazio Diabelli, a formerly sublime magician who was deserted by his artistry. The kind of witchcraft and magic the two young composers Sara Glojnarić and Yiran Zhao will come up with shall remain a surprise. One thing is certain: this is a programme in which Neue Vocalsolisten will bewitch the audience. You can find the day ticket for Saturday here: On the radio: Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Konzert, 19.01.2019, live kulturradio vom rbb, Musik der Gegenwart, 10.04.2019, 21.04 Uhr


  • mit: Neue Vocalsolisten
  • Sopran: Johanna Zimmer
  • Sopran: Susanne Leitz-Lorey
  • Mezzosopran: Truike van der Poel
  • Tenor: Martin Nagy
  • Bariton: Guillermo Anzorena
  • Bass: Andreas Fischer


Georges Aperghis (*1945) Passwords (2016) Sara Glojnarić (*1991) Neues Werk (2018) - Uraufführung Commissioned work by Deutschlandfunk Kultur for six voices Michael Pelzel (*1978) Etüdenbuch zu Diabelli (2017/18) for six voices Valerio Sannicandro (*1971) Zaubersprüche (2018) - Uraufführung Commissioned Work by Musik der Jahrhunderte Yiran Zhao (*1988) Neues Werk (2018) - Uraufführung Commissioned work by Deutschlandfunk Kultur for six voices Michael Beil (*1963) Die Drei (nach Goethes "Hexeneinmaleins") (2002) for six voices


An event by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and kulturradio vom rbb.

Neue Vocalsolisten © Manu Theobald

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