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22.02.2019 Fri
8 pm

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Chor@Berlin: Prinzip Hoffnung IV - Die menschliche Ordnung

Vocalconsort Berlin

A world premiere and an anniversary: as part of their five-part concert series "Prinzip Hoffnung" (the principle of hope) on the occasion of their 15th anniversary, Vocalconsort Berlin, one of the best chamber choirs in Germany, will premiere a new composition at Chor@Berlin. With "alphabet", and as a commission from the ensemble, Berlin composer Frank Schwemmer has set to music excerpts of the long poem of the same name by Danish poet Inger Christensen. "apricot trees exist, apricot trees exist". With this single-line verse on the letter A, the poem "alphabet" by Inger Christensen, one of the most important poets of the 20th century, begins. It ends with 610 lines on the letter N. In them, Christensen orders words and thus evokes the existence of things in order to save them from their possible disappearance in times of atomic and hydrogen bombs – because "hydrogen bombs exist / a plea to die / as people used to die / one day in ordinary / weather..."


  • mit: Vocalconsort Berlin
  • Leitung: Ralf Sochaczewsky
  • Percussion: Maria Schneider


Frank Schwemmer (*1961): alfabet (UA) Chorfantasie nach dem gleichnamigen Gedicht von Inger Christensen für Kammerchor und Schlagzeug


Eine Veranstaltung des Deutschen Chorverbands und des Radialsystems, in Kooperation mit dem Chorverband Berlin. Die Konzertreihe "Prinzip Hoffnung" des Vocalconsort Berlin wird gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds und die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. In Kooperation mit dem Radialsystem.

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21.02. - 24.02.


Das Vokalfest im Radialsystem

Top-class concerts, workshops, discussion forums and sing-along events: From 21 to 24 February 2019 at Radialsystem, the Deutscher Chorverband (German choral association) invites you once again to discover the diversity of vocal music at Chor@Berlin. The ninth edition of the Vokalfest is opened by the renowned Chorwerk Ruhr under the direction of Florian Helgath. In "The Sound of Silence", contemporary compositions and improvisations by jazz pianist Marc Schmolling meet the sensitive world of the early baroque madrigal. To continue their anniversary series, Vocalconsort Berlin put "Die menschliche Ordnung" (the human order) centre stage on Friday and give the first performance of Frank Schwemmer's commissioned work "alphabet" based on a poem by Danish poet Inger Christensen. At the "A Cappella Night" on Saturday, Slixs, one of the best vocal ensembles of our time, present their current programme "Playgrounds" with vocal percussion, onomatopoeia, soul, groove, funk and world music. Prior to this, the programme covers a range from "tunes of love" (Liebesweisen) in works by Cornelius, Britten and Mendelssohn with the Voktett Hannover through to jazz standards, pop and folk adaptions and own arrangements by the Berlin JazzVocals. At the end of the festival on Sunday, for a concert of the Ich-kann-nicht-singen-Chor (I-cannot-sing-choir), everyone is invited, together with the Berliner Begegnungschor (choir for encounter), to make songs from all parts of the world come alive. The accompanying workshops offered by Chor@Berlin are aimed at choirmasters, church musicians, singers and choir managers. The spectrum of topics ranges from individual personality coaching for choirmasters to Complete Vocal Technique and storytelling for social media. And there is a special focus on singing with children. Tickets from 10 € More information in the program: