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19.01.2019 Sat
7 pm

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Appstage Bologna

A selected group of international students developed in a four months course by the Appstage program at the Alma Danza dance school in Bologna a triple bill evening program that is now presented on two evenings at Radialsystem's Studio A. Under the direction of the Italian choreographer Elisa Pagani of DNA Company, the Isreali-Italian choreographer duo Michal Mualem & Giannalberto de Filippis and Luc Dunberry, Canadian dancer choreographer and long time member of Sasha Waltz & Guests they developed three short Performances. The aim of the Appstage program is to provide dancers who have completed their dance education a frame, that offers them a similar working experience as in a dance company or an intensive dance project. In this way, they have a chance to develop as creative dancers and as performers and find their way into the cycle of the professional dance world.


  • Choreographie: Elisa Pagani, Michal Mualem & Giannalberto de Filippis und Luc Dunberry
  • Tanz: Chiara Andreoni, Michela Maggiorini, Noa Molato, Bar Shem Tov, Juli Spiegelman, Linda Vinattieri und Martina Zanardi
  • Lichtdesign: Emiliano Minoccheri


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Sasha Waltz & Guests | Education & Commu-nity und Alma Danza Bologna.

Studio A Studio A © Phil Dera