Hauschka & Edivaldo Ernesto Hauschka & Edivaldo Ernesto © Promo
01.11.2019 Fri
8 pm

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UM:LAUT – Hauschka & Edivaldo Ernesto

an encounter of improvised music & dance

The organizers of the UM:LAUT series brought the young dancer Edivaldo Ernesto, a member of the Sasha Waltz & Guests dance company, and successful pianist and composer Hauschka, one of the most remarkable contemporary virtuosos of the prepared piano, on stage together for the first time in 2013. After two performances in radialsystem, which were celebrated by audiences and the press alike and followed by acclaimed domestic and international guest appearances, the two exceptional artistic personalities now return to the place of their first encounter. After six intensive and productive years, and packed with new experiences and numerous successes, the duo enters into an artistic dialogue once again and performs without the security of composition and choreography. They present an improvised interplay of sound and movement – without the constraints of a fixed programme, and ready to welcome surprising discoveries, spontaneity and mutual inspiration.


  • Piano und Electronics: Hauschka
  • Tanz: Edivaldo Ernesto


„A collaboration between two artists, in particular a collaboration between a dancer and musician is a tremendously interesting and challenging process. One of the first questions that came to our minds is whether we want to keep the spontaneity of the first interaction and leave a lot of the content open or whether the piece will be entirely choreographed from the beginning to the end. In the case of me performing with Edivaldo I think it is great to start the process on the evening of the performance with a rough outline of an idea and to create space for the strength of our improvisations. When thinking about the theme of the evening I happened to read an article in the German newspaper "Die Zeit" about the subject of "Humanizing" in pop music and it made me reflect on the importance of dilettantism as an art movement. I like the idea of two people coming together who allow those unavoidable little uncontrolled events or even mistakes to change the direction of the performance and to create something unexpected. I think this is all in the nature of improvised music and dance. Another angle is inspired by a research project of the Max Planck Institute I came across. It deals with the idea of humanizing music sequences, which of course is connected to the imperfection of a performance. Something that I also regard as a psychological issue: that imperfect things and spontaneous moments often have the power to unfold an enormous at-traction and beauty. I look forward to my initial meeting with Edivaldo right there on stage where the audience can see us communicate with each other on various levels." Hauschka, May 2013


Eine Veranstaltung von UM:LAUT im radialsystem.

Hauschka & Edivaldo Ernesto Hauschka & Edivaldo Ernesto © Promo
Edivaldo Ernesto Edivaldo Ernesto © Promo

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