Kosmostage Kosmostage © Henning Wagenbreth
06.12.2019 Fri
8 pm

Day ticket 28 Euros reduced 20 Euros Festival ticket 45 Euros reduced 40 Euros



Music Festival

After their last successful edition in 2015, the Berlin Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (AMEO) welcomes you to the third edition of the “Kosmostage” (Cosmos Days), which takes place at radialsystem for the second time. AMEO, the Ensemble Musikfabrik, Jimi Tenor, Stian Westerhus, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Minhee Park meet in a transnational forum to combine elements of New Music, Avant-garde jazz, Ambient Progressive as well as African and Asian music. Please find the festival ticket here:


  • Multi-Genre, Deutschland: Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
  • Neue Musik, Deutschland: Ensemble Musikfabrik
  • Experimental / House / Afrobeat, Finnland: Jimi Tenor
  • Avantgarde Jazz, Norwegen: Stian Westerhus
  • Ambient Progressive, USA: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
  • Gagok, Südkorea: Minhee Park


19.30 Uhr Einführungsgespräch Harry Partch Instrumente 20 Uhr Ensemble Musikfabrik 21.30 Uhr Stian Westerhus & AMEO, Stian Westerhus solo 23 Uhr Jimi Tenor solo, Jimi Tenor & AMEO


Gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Präsentiert von Digital in Berlin, Ask Helmut und Initiative Neue Musik.

Kosmostage Kosmostage © Henning Wagenbreth
AMEO AMEO © Gianmarco Bresadola
Ensemble Musikfabrik Ensemble Musikfabrik © Katharina Dubno
Jimi Tenor Jimi Tenor © Promo
Minhee Park Minhee Park © Promo
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe © Promo
Stian Westerhus Stian Westerhus © CF Wesenberg

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