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06.10.2019 Sun
6 pm

Ticket „La Bohème“ 14 Euros reduced 10 Euros Combined ticket with day one of the Showcase 24 Euros reduced 16 Euros

Er ist wieder Da-Da-Da-Daaa

#bebeethoven Showcase with Concerts, Performances and Discussions – Day 2

The Beethoven Jubilee Year 2020 is just around the corner: twelve artists of PODIUM Esslingen’s #bebeethoven project address topics central to the future of classical and contemporary music – in the spirit of the jubilarian. Their current productions and experiments are presented and discussed as part of the showcase at radialsystem: from Alexander Schubert’s work for piano and internet “Wiki-Piano” to Puccini’s “La Bohème” – radically arranged for violin and piano – to Koka Nikoladze’s Beat Machines. In addition to performances and concerts, focus is centred around discourse: under which technological and social auspices are compositions being written today? Are the romantic artistic ambitions of the true, the good and the beautiful still valid? Please find the Combined Ticket for “La Bohème” and the first day of the showcase here:


  • Klavier: Mathias Halvorsen
  • Violine: Mathieu van Bellen
  • Kuration und Künstlerische Leitung #bebeethoven: Steven Walter

Framework programme

17.15 Uhr Introduction with journalist and writer Marie König ab 20 Uhr Publikumsgespräch auf der Bühne


La Bohème Große Oper im Miniformat – für zwei Instrumentalist*innen mit Mathias Halvorsen (Klavier) und Mathieu van Bellen (Violine)


#bebeethoven wird gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Weiterhin wird das Projekt gefördert durch das Land Baden-Württemberg, die Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung und die L-Bank.

#bebeethoven #bebeethoven © Farbe.
#bebeethoven #bebeethoven © Farbe.
#bebeethoven #bebeethoven © Farbe.

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