Ohrknacker: Dai Fujikura Ohrknacker: Dai Fujikura © Promo
17.02.2020 Mon
8 pm

admission free

Ohrknacker: Dai Fujikura

Conversational Recital with the Trio Catch

Each of the concerts in Trio Catch’s “Ohrknacker” series focuses on a piece of contemporary music that is played twice, with a close exchange with the audience about the piece in between. This is not so much a musicological analysis as it is a personal conversation about the music. in February, the Japanese Composer Dai Fujikura will present a new piece.


  • mit: Trio Catch
  • Klarinette: Boglárka Pecze
  • Violoncello: Eva Boesch
  • Klavier: Sun-Young Nam
  • Komposition: Dai Fujikura

Framework programme

The concert lasts approx. an hour and the bar is open before and after the performance. The composer is present.


Dai Fujikura (*1977) Hop (2019)


Ein Projekt von Trio Catch und bastille musique. Gefördert durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa – Spartenoffene Förderung.

Ohrknacker: Dai Fujikura Ohrknacker: Dai Fujikura © Promo
Trio Catch © Lennard Rühle

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