New Empathies: 7 New Empathies: 7 © Marc Domage
24.01.2020 Fri
7.30 pm

Tickets 18 Euro discount 12 Euro tanzcard 12 Euro Combined ticket for 4 Performances 38 Euro discount 26 Euro

Please consider that the artistic concept of the performance asks the audience to be in motion and that therefore the venue is without seating.

Berlin premiere

New Empathies: 7

Performance by Radouan Mriziga

In his new work “7” choreographer Radouan Mriziga, currently artist-in-residence at Kaaitheater Brussels, sets out in search of the last wonder of the world: the human body – and contrasts the beauty of its movement with the geometric power of architecture and sculpture. Please find the combined ticket for 4 Performances of „New Empathies“ here: As society continues to drift further apart, the concept of empathy is currently experiencing a renaissance. The ability to empathize is regarded as the central tool with which to fight the rage exerted against the supposed Other, yet it is also seen as the danger inherent in sentimental depoliticization. In June 2019, radialsystem launched “New Empathies”, a series of programmes spanning two years, consisting of concerts, installations, choreographies, workshops, and discussions.


  • Konzept und Choreografie: Radouan Mriziga
  • Künstlerische Entwicklung und Performance: Radouan Mriziga, Maïté Jeannolin, Zoltán Vakulya, Bruno Freire, Eleni-Ellada Damianou, Lana Schneider und Jalil El Yazidi (Originalbesetzung Suhad Najm Abdullah)
  • Bildende Kunst: Lana Schneider
  • Musik: Jalil El Yazidi (Originalbesetzung Suhad Najm Abdullah)
  • Kostüme: Annabelle Locks
  • Dramaturgische Beratung: Esther Severi
  • Künstlerische Beratung: Alina Biloko
  • Assistenz: Sara Chéun
  • Tourmanagement und Distribution: Something Great


„7“ ist eine Produktion von Moussem Nomadic Arts Center, in Koproduktion mit Kaaitheater, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Sharjah Art Foundation, C-Mine cultuurcentrum Genk, Vooruit und PACT Zollverein, im Kontext von European Network DNA (Departures and Arrivals), kofinanziert vom Creative Europe Programm der Europäischen Union. In Zusammenarbeit mit Pianofabriek, Charleroi Danses und STUK – House of Dance, Image & Sound. Dank an Jozef Wouters. „New Empathies“ wird gefördert von der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Medienpartner: tip Berlin, Exberliner, Ask Helmut und VAN.

New Empathies: 7 New Empathies: 7 © Marc Domage
New Empathies: 7 New Empathies: 7 © Bruno Simão

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