New Empathies: Burn Time New Empathies: Burn Time © Drago Videmsek
24.01.2020 Fri
9 pm

Tickets 16 Euro discount 12 Euro tanzcard 12 Euro Combined ticket for 4 Performances 38 Euro discount 26 Euro

New Empathies: Burn Time

Performance von André Uerba

André Uerba’s performance “Burn Time” offers the audience an intense experience of time, which arises through the successive ignition of strands of thread, creating a space that is undergoing change, and thereby unleashing a strong suggestive power into the darkness. As society continues to drift further apart, the concept of empathy is currently experiencing a renaissance. The ability to empathize is regarded as the central tool with which to fight the rage exerted against the supposed Other, yet it is also seen as the danger inherent in sentimental depoliticization. In June 2019, radialsystem launched “New Empathies”, a series of programmes spanning two years, consisting of concerts, installations, choreographies, workshops, and discussions.


  • Konzept und künstlerische Leitung: André Uerba
  • Performance: Bernardo Chatillon, Jan Rozman, Jorge De Hoyos, Judith Förster, Lyllie Rouvière, Mariana Nobre Vieira und Philipp Enders
  • Dramaturgische Beratung: Thomas Schaupp
  • Künstlerische Assistenz in Berlin und Live Sound: Marc Lohr
  • Skulpturen: André Uerba
  • Lichtdesign: André Uerba und Gretchen Blegen
  • Produktionsassistenz: Raquel Moreira


„Burn Time“ ist eine Produktion von SHORT HOPE, in Koproduktion mit Walk&Talk Festival, Plesni Teater Ljubljana. Residenzen bei O Espaço do Tempo, PACT Zollverein und Tanzfabrik Berlin. Gefördert durch die Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Dank an: Alejandro Karasik, Anna Posch, Bárbara Torres, Bernardo Almeida, Catarina Saraiva, Cathy Walsh, Chris Leuenberger, Clément Layes, Emily Jeffries, Jasna Layes Vinovrski, Jenny Beyer, Juan Felipe Amaya, Julia Rodriguez, Ligia Soares, Maddy White, Marc P. Gabriel, Matthew Rogers, Mauricia B. Neves, Olivia McGregor, Pia Kramer, Reza Mirabi, Rui Horta, Tiago Barbosa, Tiago Gandra, Vasco Mosa. Besonderen Dank an den Gong Hersteller: João Pais Filipe. „New Empathies“ wird gefördert von der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Medienpartner: tip Berlin, Exberliner, Ask Helmut und VAN.

New Empathies: Burn Time New Empathies: Burn Time © Drago Videmsek
New Empathies: Burn Time New Empathies: Burn Time © Dieter Hartwig

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