Sat 15 02
6 pm


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Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr

Film documentary and Lecture Performance
Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr
Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr © Filmstill
In the film documentary, “Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr”, biologist Silke Kipper brings into view the special value of the stage as a place of laughter research, in mutual exchange with the artist. In the following lecture performance Antonia Baehr refers to her performance “Laugh” (2008), in which she explores this expression as a sovereign entity, in separation from causal baggage; jokes, tickles, narrative, humor looking at the thing itself: the sound and shape, the music, choreography and drama, the rhythm. Laughter as a group phenomenon and simultaneously as an object of empirical examinations reveals a seemingly endless richness of facets.


  • Lecture Performance Antonia Baehr
  • Gespräch Antonia Baehr mit Bettina Knaup


Film documentation: appr. 40 minutes Lecture-Performance: appr. 30 minutes Talk: appr. 30-40 minutes

Framework programme

Im Anschluss Gespräch mit Bettina Knaup


Die Filmdokumentation „Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr“ ist ein Projekt der europäischen Medienwissenschaft in Kooperation mit der fabrik Potsdam mit EMW Studierenden betreut von Prof. Anne Quirynen, Fachhochschule Potsdam/Universität Potsdam