Time Travellers Time Travellers © Rundfunkchor Berlin
27.03.2020 Fri
8 pm

Tickets 48 Euro discount 35 Euro Reduced tickets are only available at radialsystem’s box office, the capacity is limited.

Introduction: 7 pm. Please note that the artistic event is designed for an audience on the move and there will be no seating.

Cancelled: Time Travellers

Rundfunkchor Berlin and Gijs Leenaars

Gijs Leenaars directs Rundfunkchor Berlin’s new transdisciplinary project that embarks on a journey through time. Jonathan Dove’s work, “The Passing of the Year,” makes up the musical point of departure for the evening, during which radialsystem is transformed into a time tunnel. Music and performance, in harmony with media direction by Nick and Clemens Prokop as well as choreography by Shang-Chi Sun, lay out a description of the genesis and demise of things and life. In addition to Jonathan Dove’s song cycle, music by Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, John Dowland, and Robert Heppener is featured.


  • Klavier: Hendrik Heilmann
  • Mediale Inszenierung: Nick und Clemens Prokop (TYE Shows)
  • Performer*innen: Annapaola Leso und Chris Jäger
  • Choreografie: Shang-Chi Sun
  • mit: Rundfunkchor Berlin
  • Dirigent: Gijs Leenaars

Framework programme

Jeweils eine Stunde vor Beginn findet eine Einführung mit Clemens Prokop im Saal des radialsystems statt.


Gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Time Travellers Time Travellers © Rundfunkchor Berlin

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