Caty Enders Caty Enders © Camille Blake
03.04.2020 Fri
6 pm

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Cancelled: Forecast Festival

Mentorships for Audacious Minds

The fourth edition of the international mentoring programme and creative network, “Forecast,” under the artistic direction of Freo Majer, culminates in a festival hosted by radialsystem for the first time. Six artists and creative thinkers unveil new projects following nine months of collaboration with renowned mentors. Musician Olli Aarni presents a composition inspired by daily life in Finland, while science journalist Caty Enders introduces a podcast about lifeextending technologies. Cartoonist Jonas Madden-Connor has produced a graphic novel, filmmaker Renée Mboya questions the racist, colonialist view of Africa in a 1960s shockumentary. Artist and scholar Sue Montoya investigates the reciprocal effects between rising sea levels and financial speculation in Miami. The design collective Parasite 2.0 invites other international collectives to a performative event. Please find the festival ticket here:


Forecast ist ein Projekt von Skills e. V. in Kooperation mit dem radialsystem. Forecast wird gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

Caty Enders Caty Enders © Camille Blake
Jonas Madden-Connor Jonas Madden-Connor © Camille Blake
Olli Aarni Olli Aarni © Camille Blake
Parasite 2.0 Parasite 2.0 © Camille Blake
Renée Mboya Renée Mboya © Camille Blake
Sue Montoya Sue Montoya © Camille Blake

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