Sun 27 09
7.30 pm


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In German and English.

Ten years Zafraan Ensemble

Opening concert of the Berlin Creations Concert Series – The 1910s: Necks with Crosses
© Swami Silva
For its tenth anniversary, i.e. the tenth of a century, the Zafraan Ensemble has a very ambitious project in mind. In a series of ten chamber concerts, the story of Berlin from the 1910s to the present day will be told as a musical one. Contemporary music history is turned into history, across two world wars and five forms of government. With "The 1910s: Necks with Crosses", the opening concert of the series will take place on September 27, 2020 at radialsystem.

It begins, nothing else would be conceivable, directly with a heavyweight, one could even say – if it weren’t for the music of the 20th century – with a hit: Pierrot Lunaire by Schönberg. In the end, even Puccini applauded it. But Hanns Eisler, whom we will certainly meet again later, was so impressed that he used Pierrot as a blueprint for his setting of Morgenstern’s Palmström. And he was not the last; the treatment of voices and the cast of Schönberg influenced the ensemble and vocal composition beyond measure and time, even up to Enno Poppe, 85 years later. With his quintet Erased Songs, he imitates the cyclical circles of the song without solidifying it as a scheme. Layers of material cross in a playful way, “Heil‘ge Kreuze” give bright colors that shimmer but do not dissonate. “You could perhaps describe my chords as bent spectral chords,” Poppe sums up, “or as dented nature”.


  • Concept and Idea Zafraan Ensemble
  • Flute Liam Mallett
  • Clarinet Horia Dumitrache (Gast)
  • Violin / Viola Emmanuelle Bernard
  • Violoncello Martin Smith
  • Piano Clemens Hund-Göschel
  • Soprano Eva Resch
  • Conductor Miguel Pérez Iñesta
  • Presentation Mark Scheibe
  • Artistic direction Martin Smith, Josa Gerhard, Clemens Hund-Göschel
  • Concept Martin Smith, Stefan Weihrauch, Sebastian Solte, Josa Gerhard


„The 1910s: Necks with crosses“ Enno Poppe Gelöschte Lieder (1996-99) Hanns Eisler Palmström op.5 (1925) Florian Wessel absinthe (UA 2020) Pause/Moderation Arnold Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire op. 21 (UA Berlin 1912)


Eine Konzertreihe des Zafraan Ensemble. Gefördert von der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, der Ernst von Siemens-Musikstiftung und der Dwight und Ursula Mamlok-Stiftung.

© Swami Silva
Zafraan Ensemble
Zafraan Ensemble © Neda Navaee


Tickets 15 Euros discount 10 Euros

In German and English.

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