Z2X ist eine Gemeinschaft junger Visionäre im Alter von 2X, also von 20 bis 29. Wir tauschen uns über die besten Ideen aus, um das eigene Leben besser zu machen – oder die Welt.

Space for arts and ideas

In the past it was a deluge of water that moved from the sprawling megacity of Berlin through the pumping station on the banks of the river Spree – today it’s a deluge of ideas.

Opening in September 2006 as a privately financed venue, Radialsystem soon became an internationally renowned initiator and hub for the arts. Not only does Radialsystem function as a flexible venue with various spaces for performances. We also consider it a creative factory – providing an open space for the development of new types of productions and events, for the innovative and the unexpected.

Radialsystem is strongly linked to Berlin’s independent performance and music scene. At the same time it is a centre of attraction for world-class artists, providing them with spaces of time and possibility suitable for experimental productions. Young and up-and-coming artists find an inspirational environment at Radialsystem, too – one that cherishes the extraordinary and makes room for it.

Radialsystem gets the conversation going: It takes up creative and social issues, innovations and moods and gives artistic form to the dialogue. The immersion, conjunction and amplification of issues from the fields of culture, science, politics, economics and society happens here.

This makes Radialsystem the ideal venue for conferences, receptions, exhibitions, media productions, award ceremonies, parties and much more. It is the inspirational atmosphere of Radialsystem‘s many variable spaces, it is the fascinating fusion of the old and the new in the building’s architecture that allows for innovative and surprising constellations. Any kind of event or showcase can happen here.

With its gorgeous location on the banks of the river Spree, Radialsystem serves as an open space for social interaction, for encounters and dialogue, a place to rest and dwell.

For the first time in its eleven years of existence, Radialsystem will receive infrastructural funding from the federal state of Berlin in 2018 and 2019. The aim is to substantially improve the conditions for independent performance, music, dance and art projects originating from the local scene. Still the predominant part of the venue’s funding stems from commercial rentals.