Space for ideas

At this fin-de-siècle brick building, sublime industrial architecture meets an attitude that promotes transparency and cool modernism encounters the playfulness of trial and error. The interior of the building is flexible, too. There’s no room for strict provisions: stands disappear, new spaces emerge, rooms connect.

Hardly any event is like the other. The traditional idea of the stage as the focal point of attention is just one of many options. The hall, the room, the terrace, the studios, the staircase and even the roof are playgrounds for perpetual innovation.

Since its opening in 2006 Radialsystem runs on the power of experimentation. This has earned the venue its international reputation as a creative initiator. Here the joy of innovation is not an end in itself. By promoting diversity, by playing and listening and by seeking exchange, Radialsystem keeps evolving.

Radialsystem needs to re-invent itself constantly if it wants to subsist and live up to its own expectations. The sounding out of uncharted territory and the questioning of established structures goes with that. We welcome you to observe this process, to take part in it and help shape it!